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Have you encountered an expense that you did not expect? Do you want to indulge yourself without saving your savings? Now with Lending Matters, it is possible! Thanks to our online mini-credits you can quickly get the cash you need to meet your financing needs. It does not matter if you are in financial credit institutions or in other debtor lists, in Lending Matters we will find a solution for you.


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There are many people, families, self-employed and/or SMEs who use online mini-credits to get cash and thus be able to cope with their financing needs in a comfortable way.

Order your payday loan direct lender now! With source: CitrusNorth is very easy, you just have to select the amount you need, and the return period that is most favorable, up to a minimum of 60 days. Then, you have to fill out a form and that’s it. From then on it’s our thing. In a maximum period of 15 minutes, you will receive a response to your request.

We are committed to offering you a solution that suits your needs, as we will value your request in detail to find the entity that offers the best conditions.

What are the conditions to request an online mini-credit?

The conditions to apply for a personal loan vary according to each credit institution, however, there are minimum conditions that all providers require:

  • Have a bank account
  • Be of age.
  • Have regular income in a stable manner.

Why ask for a mini-credit online?

The advantages of requesting a personal loan online are many:

  1. You can request the loan from wherever you want when you want.
  2. Easy, without complicated procedures
  3. Normally within a maximum period of 15 minutes, you will receive answers to your request
  4. Total discretion.
  5. Without guarantee or endorsements.

How does a bank reason to accept a credit?

You can not acquire your property on the basis of your own funds. Therefore, you plan to borrow the capital from a bank .

Before filing your file, read about its credit acceptance process and the criteria that this bank will study carefully to put the odds on your side.

Step 1: How does your repayment ability affect credit acceptance?

Step 1: How does your repayment ability affect credit acceptance?

The first element that a bank will consider is your repayment ability . This repayment capacity is based on three main criteria:

  • Your personal contribution . Essential to the acceptance of the credit, this element will allow you, according to its amount, to negotiate the rate and the expenses.
  • Your level of your resources . This level is calculated based on your last 3 pay slips and your latest tax notice, it allows the banker to calculate and consider the (fundamental) rule of 30% of your debt load.
  • Your disposable income . By subtracting your monthly income, your taxes and the monthly payment for the loan, the banker determines the “rest to live”. Note that the composition of your home influences this point.

ATTENTION : holding an account or a housing savings plan (CEL or PEL) does not influence the institution in its decision making.

Step 2: How does the banker calculate your debt rate?

Step 2: How does the banker calculate your debt rate?

Collecting these items allows your financial advisor to compare the ratio of expenses to resources to determine the debt ratio .

The charges taken into account include all outstanding credits. Among the resources, your housing assistance is also included in the calculation of the famous rate.

At this point, the bank also takes a few minutes to study the movements of your bank account . Thus, your banker will not fail to watch if your account has discovered overdrafts!

In the same way, the establishment will check if you are not registered on the national file of payment incidents!

Step 3 – What security can your bank require?


In the credit acceptance process, your banker may, in negotiations, require:

  • Request the subscription of a borrower insurance .
  • Condition your agreement to the mortgage of the property to be financed.
  • Impose a lien guarantee authorizing, as a reimbursement, the seizure of your property by judicial means.
  • Engage a third party to become your surety – preferably financial institutions specializing in bonding to an individual, such as for example the Housing Credit.

If this process is adopted by all lending institutions, some may add their own special intentions.

Fortunately, a broker specializing in real estate credit is made to know the specifics of each of its partners – especially in terms of its acceptance criteria.

Small loans for state employees

In support of public, state and retired employees who find themselves having to face small unexpected or urgent expenses, the formula of Small Loan can be useful, a very convenient and safe way to access credit for those who request it.

Small loans: Let’s see in detail how it works

Small loans: Let

The Institute for Public Administration with the Save Italy Decree of 2011 was incorporated but retains its initial function, ie the provision of loans to public, state or retired employees . Law No. 214 of 2011 regulates the legislation for these loans.

The amounts that can be requested are strictly influenced by the debt amortization plan and, above all, are calculated on the basis of the applicant’s salary and the presence or otherwise of other loans that interest him. The duration of the Small Loan can be 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. For example, in the case of annual duration, the maximum amount that can be requested will be equal to the average amount of two net monthly payments.

For pensioners, on the other hand, the limit remains of not being able to exceed the threshold of one fifth of the salary with the deductions for the small loan.

For example, for an amortization plan of 36 months you can get an amount equal to six or three months based on the existence or otherwise of other deductions within the pay envelope, while for a small loan of 48 months you can get a sum equivalent to 8 or 4 net monthly payments.

Once the loan has been approved, the money will be paid directly into the current account indicated by the loan applicant. It is also possible, alternatively, to withdraw the money in cash from the Bank.

The following interest rates are applied to the loans:

  • Interest rate (Tan) equal to 4.25% per annum
  • Administration costs of 0.50%;
  • Risk fund premium: an insurance policy whose value depends on the amount of the loan

Another interesting aspect of the loan is that with this type, if the beneficiary dies or remains in permanent disability due to a service or contracted in service during the repayment period of the credit obtained, the sums are not owed by the heirs .

The procedure for a retired beneficiary is much simpler


It is necessary to provide the application directly electronically, through the online services of the portal , on the .it website, by accessing the “Public Employee Management Services” section or through the Contact center (free toll-free number 803 164 ) or through one of the patronages agreement. The credit of the agreed amount will be paid in full to the bank or postal account provided by the applicant, while for the pensioner the IBAN is the one normally used to credit the pension.

The repayment of the loan starts from the second month following the one in which the payment of the expected sum occurs. It is also possible to renew the Small Loan 2016 once a certain minimum repayment period has ended, calculated with half of the total duration of the amortization plan initially envisaged.

Here is a concrete example. For annual loans, renewal can be requested and can be implemented after 6 months. The limit rises to 12 months for 24-month loans. The same proportions apply to loans of 36 months (3 years) and 48 months (4 years).

Online Loan: first home and appliances

As regards the Uni Bank online loan , it is defined on the portal of the financial company as “ Uni Bank Immobiliare ”, a fixed-rate loan that offers the advantage of allowing real guarantees such as the mortgage on the asset to be purchased, the absence of notary fees and preliminary inquiries, the possibility of initiating the investigation itself via online upload and of having access to credit up to 60000 euros according to the latest offer on the financial company portal.

Online Loan: Requirements and characteristics

Online Loan

The requirements to apply for the Uni Bank online first home loan and appliances are between 18 and 75 years of age, a demonstrable income, residence in Italy. It is possible to obtain total financing with the disbursement of the amount to the bank current account normally used.

With Uni Bank Immobiliare today you can get an amount of € 24,000 to be repaid in 8 years with monthly installments of € 348.5 at a fixed rate of 8.74%, with a Taeg of 9.1%, paying at the end in reality 33456 euros.

Start of online investigation

It is then possible for other amounts to consult the Uni Bank website and with a calculator carry out a loan simulation by entering the Tan, the Taeg, the number of installments, the monthly amount to be repaid, the total amount due. To access Uni Bank Immobiliare you have to fill in a form, wait for the answer on the feasibility, send the documentation to start the investigation also through online upload, follow the procedure of the inquiry in real time from the Uni Bank website “lamiarichiesta” aimed at monitoring by customers of the loan applications under evaluation.

Necessary documents

The documents to be presented are a photocopy of an identity document, the last bill paid for gas, for electricity, for the telephone, a photocopy of the tax code, the last two payslips and it is an employee, the Model CU or pension pay slips if it is a pensioner, the Income Model and F24 receipts of the fees paid if it is a freelancer.

Exchange and Installment Jump

Through the installment and jump rate options, the Uni Bank online prima casa and appurtenances loan allows you to change the monthly payment amount between a minimum and a maximum as indicated in the contract; this can be done on the website in the reserved area or via sms or at a company Customer Center. For the Installment Jumping you must have the first six monthly installments already paid regularly with bank debit and you can skip the payment of three installments that are queued to the amortization plan; the option can be exercised three times and at a distance of twelve months between one request and another.

Other characteristics

Other loan

As regards the non-payment of an installment, you can heal your position by bank transfer, postal current account slip, online credit card reserved area. The offer for the 60000 euros was valid until the end of February 2017. The Uni Bank Immobiliare is used to purchase the first home, the mini apartment, the second home and the relative appurtenances, such as garages or garage. Another advantage that Uni Bank guarantees is the use of the digital signature that makes the loan 100% online, together with the absence of other ancillary costs and the possibility of changing the installment without additional costs.

Insurance and home banking policy

Insurance and home banking policy

The insurance combined with the loan is “Progetto Protetto Habit”, which consists of a theft, fire and civil liability policy. Another option of the Uni Bank online prima casa and pertinenza loan is the “MyBank” service, which allows rapid identification and automatic compilation of bank transfer data with a charge of 1 euro for the security required by the Anti-Money Laundering Regulation. In this way it is possible to access the use of the smart card for the digital signature which avoids having to go to the company branch to carry out any new operation on the stipulated mortgage.

Credit: each bank has specific criteria!

If the borrower is obviously committed under a loan, the bank also takes risks, in case of payment defaults in scheduled repayments. This risk ratio therefore encourages lending institutions to turn to securities aimed at reducing them, such as criteria for accepting credit and refusal that are specific to them.

The prohibitive rejection rules (and the others)

The prohibitive rejection rules (and the others)

While lending institutions agree on generic criteria for credit acceptance, the majority of them apply the same rules for systematic refusals , as is the case in the presence of a minor borrower or simply filed with the Banque de France.

Other traditional grounds for refusal also include criteria related to:

  • Employment: Temporary, temporary, inactive, unemployed …
  • Small income: RSA or any salary below the SMIC.
  • Indebtedness: a rate that is too high (except in case of redemption of credits)

It should be noted that these latter reasons may be considered by certain specialized bodies: it is not therefore a question of crippling conditions.

IMPORTANT : if you complete one of these points, ask a broker to benefit from his expert eye and allow you to better evaluate, in an appointment, your purchase project.

Specific criteria for the requested product

In a bank, the credit acceptance process is different from one product to another. On this ground, it is a question of distinguishing the consumer credits, the mortgage loan and the regroupings of credit .

For example, consider the criterion of the debt ratio . In the context of a conventional loan (consumption or real estate), it can quickly be a reason for refusal, if it is too high. On the other hand, in the context of a grouping of credits, it turns out that this rate is not interpreted in the same way, since it is one of the objectives of the approach – namely to lower the monthly payments for reduce the debt ratio.

Favored profiles in credit acceptance


Finally, based on their own experience, each bank writes its own credit acceptance criteria based on the borrower’s profile. This course of action depends on the risk-taking that is “tolerated” by the organization and the expected level of profitability . For example, some institutions will focus on volume to ensure profitability – that is, they will broaden the entry criteria and apply higher rates.

Other organizations will clearly move towards a specific clientele , developing offers oriented to seduce them. Like the “young active” solutions deployed, such as the “first acquisition” loan for 18-29 year olds.

Beyond the most obvious and generic criteria, the broker knows his partners perfectly and can save you time by focusing his actions directly on the right contacts.

The 2 most advantageous small online payday loans of April 2019

The online comparison of personal payday loans on the market is a quick and inexpensive way to clearly assess the proposed conditions, to make a choice as advantageous and tailored as possible with respect to the need for liquidity.

The online payday loans also guarantee a reduction in ancillary brokerage costs and therefore total costs. Let’s look at some examples of the most advantageous small online payday loans of April 2019 .

A 100% online payday loan, starting at 1,000 euros

A 100% online payday loan, starting at 1,000 euros

in a formula that is valid for each type of project, because the sum is paid directly into the current account to be used freely. From the request to delivery, everything can be done online, thanks to the digital signature.

The repayment is made by direct debit from the current account on which the sum was previously borrowed.

A fixed APR is applied which can be easily calculated on the specific case through an online quote, useful for effectively calibrating the duration of the plan and installment with monthly revenue. There are no preliminary investigation costs , zero installment costs , no commission for sending documents and reports in digital format.

Customers who have been depositors for at least 6 months


Can apply for a small online payday loan from 1,000 to 5,000 euros, directly using the Internet banking service offered by the bank and sending a request for financing from their smartphone, using the dedicated application.

Customers deemed suitable by the bank after a pre-assessment of the income and credit situation can obtain the sum in current account with a speeded up procedure.

Easy loans are repayable over a period varying from 12 to 36 months. The fixed TAN of the loan is set at 6.90%, the APR is capped at 13.11%.

Small online payday loans of April 2019 estimate of 5000 euros


Financial: Personal Loan
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 4.25%
APR: 4.44%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 5,000
Total due: € 5,558

Monthly installment € 96

Financial: Personal Loan
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 4.91%
APR: 6.56%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 5.654
Total due: € 5.848

Monthly installment € 95

Financial: Loan
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 6.50%
APR: 6.90%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 5,000
Total due: € 5,894