Bow Valley Credit Union Deploys Digital Account Opening with Thirdstream


Bow Valley’s adoption of the Retail Deposits Online solution simplifies remote account opening with consumers.

LETHBRIDGE, AB, CANADA, October 6, 2021 / – Bow Valley Credit Union has successfully deployed Thirdstream’s digital account opening solution for retail, in-branch and online banking. Integrated into Bow Valley’s core banking system, Thirdstream’s solutions enable new account opening in real time and give existing members the ability to purchase additional products, virtually and in person.

“We went ahead with Thirdstream because they were able to show us the power of their solutions, in production with financial institutions today,” said Lynn Dunlop, director of IT and banking operations. “As we execute on our digital strategy, it was essential to collaborate with the fintechs that deliver to the market today, and that’s what we found in Thirdstream. “

Real-time integration with core banking services was achieved as part of the initiative, with Bow Valley Credit Union using Celero Solutions’ API layer. This allows for a typical 5 minute application process from initial click to approval and account funding.

Thirdstream provides solutions for opening commercial and retail deposit accounts and consumer loans to nearly 50 Canadian banks, trusts and credit unions. Their IDV solutions verify consumer government issued IDs, including driver’s licenses and passports. This can be combined with vividness checking and selfie submissions, ensuring the contestants are who they say they are.

“Thirdstream strives to give financial institutions the tools they need to attract consumers in an increasingly competitive environment,” said Keith Ginter, CEO of Thirdstream. “Our goal is to ensure that we continually provide solutions that meet the digital banking needs of financial institutions and that we bring live and functional solutions to market. “

Consumer and commercial solutions are available in branch and online and work in some of Canada’s largest financial institutions. State-of-the-art IDV capabilities are combined with document management capabilities to secure sharing of sensitive documents. When signatures are required, electronic signature capabilities create a seamless experience for multiple account holders to verify identities and take on all signing responsibilities.

Bow Valley is joining nearly 50 leading Canadian financial institutions from coast to coast to adopt the online and branch account opening and digital lending solutions that Thirdstream has deployed today.

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About Thirdstream, Inc.
Thirdstream, headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta, provides digital, online and in-branch account opening solutions to more than forty clients across Canada. From identity verification to account funding, Thirdstream’s suite of solutions support consumer acquisition, business integration, unsecured retail loans and credit card arbitrage. The platform is cloud-based, designed for individuals and businesses, as well as financial institutions targeting consumers anywhere, anytime, from any device. For more information, please visit

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